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a material made of cellulose fibres derived mainly from woodpulp, which is processed into thin sheets and used for writing, printing and drawing

same as newspaper

part of a written examination

a long essay on an academic subject

COMMENT: The first paper was made from old cloth, torn up, and mixed with water. Good quality paper is still made in this way, though most papers are now made from wood. The base material is wood which has been debarked, then shredded. If it is ground fine to make pulp it is called mechanical pulp; if it is mixed with various chemical substances to remove impurities and soften the tissues to form pulp, it is called chemical pulp. The pulp is laid on a wire mesh which retains the solid fibres and lets the water drain away. After most of the water has been removed, the paper is put through rollers which dry and calender it. Paper is made in many different qualities, each of which is suitable for a certain printing process, or for writing and drawing. Note that the paper usually constitutes the highest cost in book manufacture, especially where long print runs are concerned.



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