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book club

a system of buying and selling books by post, usually on specialist subjects

COMMENT: Book clubs do not always charge their members a subscription, though members usually have to guarantee that they will purchase a certain number of books from the club each year. For the publisher, the sale of a title to a book club is a useful (and sometimes crucial) increase to the print run, as it is assumed that most book club members would not purchase the book through a bookshop if it were not offered to them by the club. The publisher usually sells the book to a club at a discount off the normal published price and the club sells it to its members at a similar discount. If the publisher sells the book at 75% off the retail price, the club will resell it at 25% below the retail price. So a book retailing at £16 will be sold by the publisher to the club at £4 and the club will sell it to the members at £12. Some discounts are higher than this, and are similar to remainder prices.



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