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a reduction in the price of something ⃞ 10% discount for quantity purchases you pay 10% less if you buy a large quantity ⃞ 10% discount for cash, 10% cash discount you pay 10% less if you pay in cash â–  verb /dısˈkaƱnt/ to reduce prices to increase sales

COMMENT: Discounts vary considerably from country to country. In the UK, the basic discounts given by publishers to booksellers would be about 40%. Higher discounts will be given to wholesalers or large chains of bookshops, and also on mass-market paperbacks. Lower discounts will apply to single copy orders (or a surcharge may be added), and especially to academic books. Educational books have a basic discount of 17.5%, because the bookseller is simply passing on orders for school purchases and is not buying the books speculatively for retail sale. Educational books are usually non-net, so that the bookseller can mark up the price if he or she wishes to hold them in stock and sell them from the shelf to the public.



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