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money paid as a loan or as a part of a payment to be made later to pay an author an advance of

£1,000 against a royalty of 10 per cent

money paid by a publisher to an author before a book is published which will be covered by future royalties The paper-back houses pay advances of over

$50,000 to established authors.

⃞ in advance early or beforemething happens freight payable in advance

price fixed in advance

â–  verb

to lend something The bank advanced him

£100,000 against the security of his house.

to make something happen earlier The publication date has been advanced to May

10th. The meeting with the German distributors has been advanced from 11.00 to 09.30.

COMMENT: A publishing contract often allows an author an advance payment against future royalties; the author will not receive any further royalties until the amount paid in advance has been earned by sales of the book. Most advances on royalties are considered to be non-returnable (i. e., the publisher cannot ask for his money back if the book does not sell). Some publishers may have reason to ask for an advance back, especially if the author produces a MS which is not of publishable quality.



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