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a company that creates a finished book for a publisher

COMMENT: The packager usually conceives the product (that is, has the idea for the product), and commissions a sample of text from an author, and title page, cover and page layout from a designer. This is then made into a mock-up, which is presented to publishers to ask them to consider. In this case, the copyright will remain with the packager. Alternatively, a publisher may approach a packager with an idea for a book, and in this case the copyright may remain with the publisher. When a publisher decides to take the book, he or she will order a certain number of copies from the packager, at a certain price. This is a firm sale, and the books cannot be returned to the packager if the publisher is unable to sell them. The packager will usually retain rights in the book, either the copyright in the text and illustrations, or at least the right to sell adapted versions in other markets than those agreed with the first publisher. In the case of an illustrated book with a possible worldwide market, the packager may produce books in several languages at the same time, selling each one to a different publisher in each language market.



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