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a written legal agreement The contract is binding on both parties.

⃞ to put work out to contract to decide that work should be done by another company on a contract, rather than employing members of staff to do it

â–  verb to agree to do some work by contract to contract to supply 10,000 copies at 0.65p per copy

⃞ to contract out of an agreement to withdraw from an agreement with the written permission of the other party

COMMENT: In a publishing contract the publisher is granted the right to publish a work under certain conditions: the payment of a fee or royalty to the author; a definition of the markets in which the publisher can publish and sell the work; the defined right of the publisher to sublicense translations, book club editions, film adaptations, etc., on behalf of the author. For his part, the author guarantees that the book is original (i. e., that it is not copied from another book), is not libellous and that the author does in fact hold the rights to the book.



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