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book fair

a trade exhibition with the object of publicising, selling and exchanging books

COMMENT: The major international fairs are held all year round. The most important are the London Book Fair (March); the Bologna Book Fair (March/April); the Paris Salon du Livre (March); the BookExpo America (May/June); the Moscow Book Fair (September); the Frankfurt Book Fair (October). There are many other book fairs in various countries; and many specialised fairs as well. Book fairs have existed as meetings for trade since books were invented: the Frankfurt Book Fair existed even in the later Middle Ages. Originally they were places where merchants could buy and sell manuscripts; they have always had an international element, and even the earliest book fairs were patronised by dealers from various countries in Europe. Book fairs can now be divided into two main categories: (a) rights fairs (like the Frankfurt Book Fair, or the London Book Fair), where publishers sell rights in books to publishers from other countries, and also meet agents and representatives; and (b) selling fairs (such as the Geneva Book Fair) where books can be sold to the visitors from the stands.



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